Mystery and Suspense stories were one of my first loves. Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is a masterpiece and remains one of my all time favorites!

Creating my own series, characters, and mysteries as well as romantic suspense stories has been a dream for a very long time! Now I’m launching a new pen name and throwing myself into the genre I love.

Finally it’s here…CC Dragon is the name I’ll be using for Mysteries (Cozy, Paranormal, etc) and Romantic Suspense. If you prefer hotter stories, check out Cheryl Dragon (my evil twin…er alter ego).



A Cemetery, a Cannibal, and the Day of the Dead

A Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery Book 5

Paranormal Cozy Mystery
cemetery Grave robbers? Dead bodies exposed and pieces removed…Deanna has seen a lot of wild paranormal and supernatural things in New Orleans—but that.Who would do that?Could it be cannibals? Are these hate crimes? Mentally ill criminals? Or is it an elaborate hoax staged by Walking Dead fans?The Day of the Dead and Halloween are a big deal in the Big Easy. Ghost and cemetery tours mean major business from tons of tourists.When the monsters turn out to be real and the dead are being disrespected, the supernatural balance is thrown into chaos. It’s up to Deanna and friends to lock down the paranormal crazy before the veil between the living and the dead is destroyed.


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A Dungeon, A Vampire, and an Infatuation

A Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery Book 6

Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Who can have a personal life when an infatuated and possibly demon-infested man is luring a dear friend to the dark side? Deanna has to try but she does have a team of angels on her side to help!

 Problems with a creepy little church that belongs in the 1800s converge with an evil bar that keeps changing hands and names, but the darkness never fades. The vamps need to go!

Mary Lou is out to prove her independence, or is she rebelling when she plays with the bad boys? A crazy ex and a murder hit way too close to home and have the gang spinning in different directions.

Everyone is off their game and looking to establish their own alibis while chasing down all the bad guys and uncovering the murderer. Just another tale of Deanna Oscar and group of misfits out to fight evil and save the innocent people of New Orleans.




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