Strawberry Top Mysteries

Strawberry Top Boxed Set

Strawberry Top Short Mysteries – Books 1-3

Contemporary Cozy Mystery

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Grammy’s Secret Recipe

Strawberry Top Short Mystery Book 1

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
Grammy's Secret Recipe

When good Southern girls get divorced, they go back home to Mama…

Stacey “Strawberry Top” Fields is home again in small town Willowbrook, TN. Divorced, she’s already earned her amateur sleuth badge by proving her super rich ex-husband cheated on her (and getting her share of the money per the pre-nup). A prize winning cook and blue ribbon baker, she was a fabulous wife and hostess but now she’s starting over.

It’s fun to be home with friends and family but even quiet little towns have problems. Secrets and lies make people do desperate things-small towns just hide them better. When someone steals Grammy’s precious family recipe book, Stacey must track it down or never hear the end of it. That book means the world to the family and, since cooking is Stacey’s future, no one is going to steal her family’s culinary heritage and get away with it!

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Black Sheep Cake

Strawberry Top Short Mystery Book 2

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
Being the odd one out is even worse in a small town where everyone knows your business… 

Stacey “Strawberry Top” Fields is divorced and back home in Willowbrook, TN. Teased for her red hair a kid, she feels on display again as she tries to restart her life. A prize-winning cook and blue ribbon baker, Stacey is debating a suggestion by her best friend, Brandy Jo. Recording a cooking show for the Internet sounds like fun but is it a career? 

A divorced single mom, Brandy Jo wants to produce the show but has other pressing problems. Her family is having a reunion and she’s the black sheep failure with an ex-husband, one son, and a few part-time jobs. It gets much worse when her nice but uninsured car, a gift from a wealthy aunt, disappears. 

Luckily, Stacey is helping with the desserts table and making Brandy Jo’s favorite chocolate cake. Plus, Stacey is known for her amateur sleuthing skills. Her best friend needs that car and whoever stole it will be made to pay.

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Church Ladies Tea

Strawberry Top Short Mystery Book 3

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
A lovely church fundraiser causes major drama when the cash turns up missing. Another mystery to solve is the last thing Stacey Fields needs as she hunts for a new house and kicks off her own small business. Unfortunately, there are those in town who think Stacey might just be the thief. Rumors do run wild in a small town full of gossip. Toss in multiple man dramas and cats on a leash and things only get more out of hand for the amateur sleuth. Stacey can’t take no for an answer and presses for improvements in the church’s food pantry while tracking down the real cash thief—and if she happens to do a little matchmaking along the way, at least she helped a couple of people.

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Cobbler and a Cat Show

Strawberry Top Short Mysteries – Books 4

Contemporary Cozy Mystery

With a house under construction, I’m busier than ever. Grammy really didn’t need to sign Salt and Sugar up for the local cat show and then rope me into a cobbler demonstration at the senior center. I’m already volunteering with the food pantry…
First a cat goes missing from the show. I might be interested in a new guy when his brother asks me out. Then my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend break up in my mom’s diner. My best friend flakes on my next video. More friend drama and joy. Cat searching…sorry, I just can’t juggle men like I did in high school anymore!
But when someone I love goes missing, I just can’t help myself…



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